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Yoga Theraphy
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Code No:

S.No Timings Activity/Food item Content
1 5.00am Time for waking up (See (9) if you do not get up early)  
2 5.00am YOGA NIDRA 1  
3 6.00am Wheat/ Durwa Grass juice 50ml
4 Water after a gap of 10 min 200ml
5 6.30am Green tea/ herbal 100ml
6 6.30am Light walk/ other possible work & Pranayama without strain  
7 7.30am Water 200ml
8 7.45am Fruits/ Fruit juice 100-200gms
9 8.00-8.45am YOGA NIDRA 1 (if not done at 5.00 am.) Note: glive gap of 30 min for intake after yoga nidra  
10 9.30am Breakfast quantity as per prescription
11 10.00am Water 200ml
12 10-11am Light work within the capacity of the patient  
13 11.00am Water/ Fruit/ Vegetable juice 200ml
14 11.30am Lunch Quantity as per prescription
15 12.00noon Water 250ml
16 12.30pm Luke warm water 100ml
17 16.00pm Refreshments as per prescription
18 16.30pm Water 200ml
19 17.00pm Light walk/ other possible work & Pranayama without strain  
20 18.00pm YOGA NIDRA 2  
21 19.00pm Wheat/ Durwa Grass juice 50ml
22 19.30-20.00pm Dinner quantity as per prescription
23 20.30pm Milk with jaggery/ Honey 150ml
24 21.30pm Sleep