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Yoga Theraphy
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Wheat Durwa grass Juice
Wheat / Durva Grass Juice (Durva grass is the grass used to offer prayers to Lord Ganesha)

You should keep 7+7 = 14 small flowerpots with an exposed surface of about 1 ft. diameter. Mark these 14 pots as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in two groups. Fill them with good quality fertile soil, on which grass can grow quickly. On one set, you will grow Durva grass and on the other you will grow wheat grass. You should start growing the grass from a Sunday. A fistful of Durva grass seeds should be spread on the pot marked Sunday and one fistful of Wheat grass on the other pot also marked Sunday. In the same way the next day on the pots marked Monday, and so on. Water the two sets of pots twice a day. Please ensure that water should not be too little or too much in the morning and evening so that the grass grows quickly. Next Sunday pull out all the Durva grass from the Sunday pot as well as the Wheat grass and put new seeds there. Wash the grass thoroughly, cut off the root portion and make juice out of this and add fresh (tender) turmeric, ginger honey (and if needed gur) and give it to the patient twice a day, i.e. in the morning and in the evening on empty stomach, at least half-an-hour before any meals and three hours after.

Please give only that much quantity, which makes him fully satisfied and he should not reject it. You can sweeten the juice with jaggery and/or honey. This process increases the response of the soft tissues and blood purification level substantially.