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AMC Trust was formed in March 1998 with a view to

  • Give encouragement to cancer patients that even advanced stages of cancer need not lead to death.

  • To minimize the pain and suffering of cancer patients, caused due to chemotherapy/ radiotherapy.

  • To improve the quality of life of cancer patients through alternative scientific approaches.

  • To identify the factors that lead to cure in the so-called ‘random occurrences’ of cancer cure.

  • To scientifically validate the alternative therapies, by using the latest and state of the art techniques.

  • To campaign and carry out programmes for early detection of cancer, boosting the survival rate of cancer patients.

  • Within a short time of its operations AMC Trust's approach led to many cases of improvements that pointedly indicate that AMC Trust is on the right track. Please see our case-studies and weekly updates.

  • Cancer is deadly and cure possibility can be given only in terms of FIVE-YEAR SURVIVAL RATES. Existing treatments destroy more number of healthy cells and tissues than cancerous ones.

  • Many cases of cure have been reported by conventional therapies but they are mainly attributable to early detection . Similarly there are many cases of cure using the alternative therapies such as Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha etc.and more so even in advanced stages of cancer. But these cases suffer from the telling fact that the cases are not well researched & clinically validated.

  • Millions of dollars are spent the world over on cancer research, but hardly any on alternative therapies.

  • The Alternative Therapies present a strong case for investigation - assert it one way or the other.

  • One might even stumble upon a therapy combining the best of the present conventional systems (surgery/ chemotherapy/ radiotherapy) with the alternative ones like yoga and nutrition which will lead to much better and effective management of cancer.

  • With alternative therapies adoption, phenomenal improvements have been reported even in terminally ill patients like the following:

- Reduction in ascites in abdomen
- Upward shift in pain threshold
- Better bodily functions
- Improved mental state of the patient
- Improvement in immunity suppressed by conventional chemotherapy.

  • A cancer patient dies more often due to the therapy than cancer itself.
  • AMC Trust is very happy to inform the readers that several cancer hospitals in Hyderabad are now opting for and setting up their own yoga therapy centres.