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AM Charitable Trust was formed in March 1998 to explore the possibility of solutions to cancer using combination therapies (complementary therapies in combination with conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery as adjuvant therapies) or a combination of alternative therapies only.

The Vision

“Minimise occurrence of cancer
Strive to find a permanent cure for cancer through
Complementary systems of Therapy”

The Mission

  • To set up the necessary programme of experimentation and investigations in the complementary systems of cancer Therapy particularly (Yoga that includes Yoga Nidra, Chidakasa Dharana and Pranayama) and Nutrition, as also Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Siddha systems of medicine.
  • " Popularise yoga techniques among both medical community and patients for mitigating the negative effects of cancer.
  • " Undertake an extensive research project with controlled protocols and validate the complementary therapies conclusively.
  • " To campaign for improving awareness of occurrence of cancer and enable people to prevent it.


  • Give assurance to cancer patients that even advanced stages of cancer need not lead to certain death.
  • To minimise the pain and suffering of cancer patients that is caused due to chemotherapy / radiotherapy.
  • To improve the quality of life of cancer patients through Complementary scientific approaches.
  • To identify the factors that lead to cure in the so-called 'random occurrences' of cancer cure.
  • To popularise dietary and nutrition related approaches to prevent Cancer as also to reduce its impact.
  • To scientifically validate the Complementary Therapies using the most modern and advanced testing techniques.
  • To campaign for and to carry out programmes for early detection of cancer in order to improve the survival rate for cancer patients.
  • To identify and disseminate information on preventive measures for cancer. ex:- dietary and life style management.
  • To undertake extensive Cancer awareness camps.