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Outreach Program Conducted by AMC trust

Cancer Awareness and Early Detection Programmes at Rural/Urban Areas

Cancer is a disease, which is equally wide spread among villagers as in urban population. But it is more dangerous as the villagers 'reach' to the cancer surgeon or the cancer institute very late, till then the disease becomes so advanced that even after total treatment, which is expensive, the disease remains in the body and ultimately 'kills the person in a short span'. The family not only loose the person but the 'fortunes' of that family are also lost in treating the person from the cancer and the future of the children also becomes bleak.

The cancer is not only a 'killer' disease in its late manifestation, but also a huge social and economical problem.

How can we deal with these 'Medico-Social' problems? The only way seems are proper education and guidance about the health problems and the way to deal with them.

Because of lack of 'social activities' in the villages, those who are retired from the fieldwork, easily slip into inactivity. Almost 70 - 80% male population seems to be addicted to smoking tobacco and alcohol abuse. If a doctor advises them to kick these habits, the villagers are not interested in following the guidance given by the doctor. Their only interest is in taking 'symptomatic' treatment for their ailments without wanting to understand that these symptomatic drugs could cause them more harm than benefit, in the long run.

Villagers commonly suffer from Malnutrition, hazards of smoking alcohol, and Drug overuse, which manifests 'largely' as 'chronic fatigability syndrome', chronic dull aching abdominal pain and body ache, constipation and physical and mental dullness, and diseases like Tuberculosis, Anemia, skin diseases and mostly oral and lung cancer.

Men can be educated about the evils of smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol abuse with the help of posters and if possible with 'plays'.

Females mostly suffer from 'Chronic fatigue ability Syndrome', iron deficiency anaemia, leucorrhoea and menstrual disorders, for which a general guidance regarding proper nutrition and haematanics and regular Gynaec checkups can be conducted.

Importance of drinking plenty of water and eating easily available nutritious food, like pulses, fruits, green leafy vegetables and milk can be stressed upon for dealing with malnutrition and dehydration.

To prevent or to curb this problem, we as medical society, are organising camps in the villages, to detect the signs of early cancers, to educate people about the hazards of smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol abuse through various posters, pamphlets and also encourage females to come for gynaec check ups. A cancer detected in an early stage can be cured almost 90 - 100% and the money spent on treating cancer is also considerably reduced, hence saving not only the person suffering from cancer but the whole family.

We have started the Outreach programme in Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh, India. Which has an average population of. So far we could able to cover six mandals (Divisions of the District).

The following are the stages in our outreach programmes -

  1. Inform all the residents of area about the camp
  2. Distribute literature regarding cancer, cancer risk factors, life style etc.
  3. Carry out cancer prevention campaign including lectures.
  4. Screen the potential high-risk groups as well as all other volunteers for possibility of cancer (using questionnaires, interviews and related routine medical examination).
  5. Identifying potential cancer patients
  6. Refer the cancer potential cancer patients to the concerned agencies for more detailed investigation.
  7. Advises from Complementary & Alternative Therapists.