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Yoga Nidra With Therapeutic Imagery Session


Fight against Cancer with your Mind Power)
(Based on the teachings of our most revered Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda & Paramahamsa Swami Niranjananda)

Yoga Nidra as a precondition

"These instructions are given to you as if an instructor is talking to you. Preferably take a print out & ask someone close to you to read the instructions step by step when you are lying in savasana"

  • Lie down in Savasana with the body stretched out feet apart, arms beside the body with palms turned upwards and the eyes closed. Head in straight line with the body. Now totally and completely relax each and every part of the body.
  • Make all necessary adjustments so that you are as comfortable as possible and once you have adjusted the posture of your body there must be no physical movement either consciously or unconsciously.
  • Remember that you are about to practice Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra means psychic sleep. It is a state of sleep in which body and mind relax completely and the sub-conscious remains active.
  • Now is the time to make resolution or "sankalpa". The resolution (or) sankalpa which is positive in thought. Repeat the resolution three times mentally like "I will fight against cancer with my mind power". Be consistent, plan the resolve at one place and do not change it. Certainly the resolve becomes true if the soul is perfect. Repeat the resolve with feeling and awareness.
  • You should only maintain the awareness of hearing and feeling. The body sleeps, mind is at rest and consciousness is active. You must remain alert, so that you do not fall asleep. Say to yourself mentally, "I will remain wide awake".
  • Take a deep breath, As you breath-in… feel the coolness and calmness spreading throughout the body. And, as you breath-out…, feel the worries flowing out of you. Become aware of your body and relax completely.
  • Make yourself physically calm and steady. Feel that the legs are relaxed; trunk, arms and head are relaxed.
  • Develop the awareness of body on right side from the top of the head to toes. Complete awareness of whole body. Relax your whole body mentally. Relax yourself mentally.
  • Relax yourself by breathing normally and becoming aware of breath as it moves between navel and throat. Awareness of your natural breath. No forceful breathing. Do not try to breath long and deep. You simply have to follow natural flow and breath. The normal breath between navel and throat. Continue like this becoming more relaxed, more calm and at peace with yourself.
  • Now we are going to rotate awareness from one part of the body to another. The consciousness moves around the body.
  • Just follow the instructions mentally.
  • There should be no physical movement. Mentally repeat what is said and visualise the organ by becoming aware. In this way we shall go through each and every body part systematically while the consciousness moves around the body. You do not have to concentrate deeply on any specific part, but simply let your mind move from one part to the other according to the instructions. Do not sleep.
  • Right hand thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, 4 fingers and thumb together, palm, back of hand, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, whole of right hand, arm pit, shoulder, collar bone, shoulder blade, side of the neck, chest, lung, liver, abdomen, whole of chest and abdomen, the middle trunk on the right hand side. Waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf muscle, ankle, heel, sole, right big toe, and 2nd toe, 3rd toe, 4th toe, 5th toe, 5 toes togetherwhole of right leg from hips to toes. Awareness of whole right side.
  • Bring your awareness to left side of the body. Left hand thumb, index finger,middle finger, ring finger, little finger, 4 fingers and thumb together, palm, back of hand, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, whole of left hand, arm pit, shoulder, collar bone, shoulder blade, side of the neck chest, lung, heart, stomach, intestines, abdomen, whole of chest and abdomen, the middle trunk on the left hand side, Waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf muscle, ankle, heel, sole, left big toe, and 2nd toe, 3rd toe, 4th toe, 5th toe, 5 toes together whole of left leg from hips to toes. Awareness of whole left side of the body.
  • Bring your awareness to the back of your body. Right buttock, left buttock, and right back. Left back, waist, right shoulder blade, left shoulder blade, spinal cord, back of neck, crown of head, and the whole of the back side.
  • Now become aware of head, right temple, left temple, forehead, right ear, left ear, right eye-brow, left eye-brow, eye brow centre, right eye, left eye, nose, right nostril, left nostril, tip of nose, right cheek, left cheek, upper lip, lower lip, chin, whole of the face and head. Now rotate your awareness over the whole body. Whole right hand, whole left hand, chest, abdomen, whole right leg, whole left leg. whole of the back, whole of the front and the whole body.
  • Visualise the whole body. Intensify the awareness and again visualise the whole body.
  • Become aware of meeting points between the body and floor. Feel the meeting points between the body and floor. Feel the floor holding you, like a baby in arms.
  • Now concentrate on your body, as if, seeing it from outside. Look at your body as an object a reflection in an imaginary mirror. You are looking at your own reflection in the mirror and see that you are lying on the floor. Your feet, legs, hands, arms, chest, abdomen, feet, clothing, face, hair, everything are reflected in that mirror. Awareness of whole body as an object. Do not sleep.
  • Ask yourself "what am I thinking". Do not think, but become aware of spontaneous thought process. Maintain total awareness of any thought that is passing through visible frame of consciousness.
  • Normally you walk forward in time. This time try and walk backwards by remembering your past. You are going in to the deeper recesses of consciousness.
  • Try to remember in the reverse order from now till the time you got up in the morning. You have to go back in time, as if you are watching a film running reverse.
  • Remember back to the start of Yoga Nidra practice. Then recall what you were doing half-an-hour before that. Remember the important objects, events, feeling in that time.
  • Then keep on preceding in half-an-hour or one-hour stages to the time you woke up this morning stage by stage, with full awareness.
  • Visualise and recall what you were doing, thinking & feeling.
  • Do not dwell upon any particular event, moment, just like a film rewinding. Take your consciousness back in time to the time you woke up this morning.
  • Bring your awareness to the present and make sure that you are not sleeping. Do not sleep.

Chidakasa Dharana (Therapeutic Imagery)

  • The instructor will name a few objects and you should try to imagine them for exploring different senses such as sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, temperature and kinaesthetic sense. You should spend 10-15 seconds on each item, as best as you can. Do not concentrate on any particular object, but keep moving.
  • Visualise the shape of a circle......the shape of a triangle.......the shape of a square.........
  • It can be useful, when you evoke sound sense to surround yourself with an imaginary mist. Now you imagine the ring of your telephone..........
  • Now slowly invoke smell of jasmine..........
  • Gradually imagine the taste of toothpaste.....
  • Let other sensory images fade as you turn your attention to those of touch sense of contact area of the body on ground (in Savasana).......
  • Imagine sensations of heat and cold by feeling your own breath. INHALE - COOL AIR.............
  • EXHALE - WARM AIR.........
  • Feel the sense of body movement by imagining yourself engaged in a form of activity like stirring syrup or shaking hands.
  • Now the following mental exercise will give all sense modalities whatever we practiced so far and help to build a bright mental image.
  • Take a fruit that you like, say an orange. Feel its texture...weight...size...notice its shape...colour and surface it firm or soft?...smell it...then dig your nail into the peel and begin to tear it off. Listen to the faint sound of the tearing. As you peel the orange, notice how the flesh gets exposed here and there, releasing a new smell. Separate the segments and put one in your mouth...bite through its juicy flesh...feel the sensation of the juice running over your tongue...recognize the taste of orange...
  • Now explore a sense of killing cancer cells with your own defence system.
  • Below given options are according to the type of cancer...........

Option 1:
Hips and lower part of the body:

Visualise the entire lower part of the body from below hips to toes.
Your cancerous condition may be located either in the hips or genital organs or ovaries or cervix or uterus or prostrate and so on.

Option 2:
Abdominal Organs:

Visualise the entire abdominal area of the body from above hips to chest.
Your cancerous condition may be located either in the abdomen or stomach or pancreas or liver or gall bladder or colon, intestines, or kidneys and so on.

Option 3:
Chest area:

Visualise the entire chest area of the body from abdomen to neck.
Your cancerous condition may be located either in the chest, lungs, breast and so on.

Option 4:
Head & Neck:

Visualise all the organs and parts located in the head, neck and spinal cord then brain.
Your cancerous condition may be located either in the head, brain or neck and so on.

-----------------COMMON INSTRUCTIONS----------------

  • Understand the organs involved and type of cells you should imagine for a therapeutic session.
  • Visualise the cancer cells and surrounding healthy cells.
  • Differentiate cancer cells from the healthy cells by feeling its size, shape, texture, colour, and its outline.
  • Cancer cells are irregular in shape, size and texture dark dull coloured.
  • Healthy cells are rich in blood supply with radiant energy and fully functional.
  • Believe that there is some accumulation of morbid or foreign material within the cancer cells and disease forces are influencing them.
  • Now imagine your own vital energy (known as Prana Shakti) and your own defence system or immunity called white blood cells or WBC as powerful tools, which are slowly directed towards the afflicted organs with cancer. The healing forces within your body are fighting against cancer cells and finally healing forces win over the evil forces of disease.
  • Your own defence system in the form of fishes is eating away all the cancer cells.
  • At the end of this session you feel the part afflicted with cancer becomes fresh and sparkling, fully vascularized with a glow of fresh bio-energy.


  • Imagine the cancerous organ peacefully sleeping and relaxing.
  • Now feel the whole body relaxing once again.
  • Now relax all your efforts and bring your attention to natural breath. The natural breath moving in and out of nostrils. The natural breath flowing in and out of nostril.
  • Maintain awareness of breath and at the same time develop awareness of physical relaxation, awareness of physical existence.
  • Become aware of the physical existence of the body and visualise the body lying on the floor.
  • Visualise the body on the floor and experience the body on the floor.
  • Externalise the mind though the body. Be still, quiet, until the attention is completely externalised./li>
  • Slowly move the toes, fingers, legs, the arms, head from side to side.
  • Move the body and stretch yourself.
  • Take your time, there is no hurry and when you are sure that you are fully awake gently sit up and slowly open your eyes.
  • The practice is complete