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In spite of the advanced scientific knowledge, there appears to be no permanent cure for cancer. And with the incidence of cancer on the rise, it is estimated that one-sixth of the human population is susceptible to the disease. Though billions of dollars are spent every year on cancer research worldwide, the Western systems of medicine and therapy that are employed do not promise a certain, permanent cure. Patients are subjected to enormous suffering both by the disease in its advanced stage and by the therapy which is currently being practised and propagated. There are three approaches being adopted for cancer at the moment - surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The last two are carried out invariably on all patients irrespective of whether they underwent surgery or not. These approaches are extremely debilitating and attack the normal cells of the body, while killing the cancer cells. Particularly, chemotherapy is extremely toxic and more patients die because of chemotherapy than of cancer itself.

Further, the present methods of treatment are extremely expensive and well beyond the reach of the common man, particularly the poorer sections of the society. In fact, if it were not for medical insurance, the costs for treatment would be prohibitive even for the upper middle class. Hence the disease not only becomes unbearable for the patients, but also for their near and dear ones.

It is in such a scenario that the AM Charitable Trust was formed with the objective of finding a cost effective, affordable and permanent cure using alternative systems of medicine and therapy. To bring hope to cancer patients and their families.