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Comprehensive list of Alternative Treatments already covered under Complementary Therapies.

New Information will be made available on this site from time to time.

An alternative supplement called AG-Immune available is in USA. AG-Immune is an immune modulator that increases Natural Killer Cells activity (NK cells were discovered in 1970 and constitute 12% of the blood cells). Dr Jesse Stoff has done research in Anti-genically infused Dialyzable Bovine Collustrum. Good results were obtained from extensive research trials with the use of extract(AIE/10) on cancer patients. AG-Immune is a product from BodyWise international that has been manufactured in collaboration with Dr. Jesse Stoff.

The ingredients of AG-Immune are as following

INGREDIENTS: (Each 2 capsules contain)
Arabinogalactan 300mg
Ai/E10 100mg
Astragalus Root 50mg
Maitake Mushroom Extract 4:1 50mg

Manju Ray is a scientist (biochemist) in Indian Association of Cultivation of Science in Jadavpur, Calcutta. She has an experimental drug which holds lot of promise. She has done lot of research on the use of Methyl Glyoxal in combination with Ascorbic Acid and certain other compounds which stop the mitochondrial respiration of the malignant cells but do no harm to the normal cells. Manju Ray has treated well over 100 patients. We learnt about Manju Ray's work from one of her patients who is on the path of recovery. We went through her published papers. Many patients have been totally cured.
Please refer :

2) Do you know of a homeopathic formulation that:

1. elevates the body's natural immune response?
2. has some role in killing tumor cells?
3. has been available since 1990 to Canadians under Health Canada's Special Access program?
4. has received over 15,000 authorization requests by Canadian doctors?
5. is sold in 55 countries and has been administered by more than 1500 physicians worldwide?
6. is a non-toxic, nitrogenated camphor compound?
7. has successfully treated patients with these ailments: (Brain astrocytoma, Prostate adenosarcoma, Mouth palette cancer, Liver cancer, Leukemia, Lung cancer, Eye melanoma, Hodgkin's disease, Prostate (cancer of the lymphatic ganglia), Epithelioma of left vocal cord, Malignant Nodular lymphoma, Lymph ganglia in area above collar bones, and in pelvic region)?

Here are the contact links:

CERBE Distribution Inc.
5270 Mills Street Rock Forest,
Canada J1N 3B6
tel: 819-564-7883
fax: 819-564-4668
website: (
contact: Mrs. Diane Duplessis

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